About Eva

I was born in Sri Lanka and raised by german parents in Germany. My first insights into Yoga & Meditation were on my first trip to Sri Lanka, almost 20 years ago. Unintentionally I walked into a Meditation centre and immediately felt home. A few years later I started teaching. My initial former 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training was conducted by Henning Scheel (Vinyasa Yoga, Spiraldynamik, Tantric Philosophy) and Andrej Lappa / Universal Yoga, followed by a 300 hour training with Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Lucy Roberts and Stuart Girling. It was followed by so many more hours of study with Daniel Odier (Kashmir Shaivism), at the Krishnamarchaya Institute, with Sri Nanda Kumar (Senior Iyengar teacher), at the Dayananada Ashram (Institute for Vedanta), with David Swenson, Clive Sheridan, Ana Forrest, Sally Kempton, Sianna Sherman / Masood Ali Khan, Shiva Rea and always with Louisa Sear (Tantrism, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda).

In 2015 together with my partner Mahendra, I created Sri Yoga Shala: a centre for yoga, meditation, movement, bodywork, arts and creativity on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the country I chose to live in since 2012.

“My intention, as much in my own practice as in my teachings is the fostering of the connection to our core, our innate wisdom teacher, the potential for instant joy and our capacity for self healing.”